Life After Death

  • Format:
    Feature documentary

  • Length:
    60 minutes

  • Funding:
    Donations are still being accepted

  • Status:
    In production.

  • Filmmakers:
    Yalla Films, Uzrad Productions and Playmount Productions
    Tal Inbar, Director
    Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevi and Omri Uzrad, Producers
    Nancy Spielberg, Ori Eisen and Joel Citron, Executive Producers
    Sharon Yaish, Editor
    Nehara Malkin, Cinematographer

On June 8, 2016, an extraordinary terror attack took place in downtown Tel Aviv within the then brand new shopping and dining complex, the Sarona Center. The story began when two well-dressed men sat down at a café in the Center. Moments later, they pulled out guns and started shooting at the crowd. The event ended in the most absurd way one could imagine, when one of the terrorists, Mohammed, found refuge in the living room of a police officer, who had left home to aid the security forces in their efforts to capture the man he had unknowingly sheltered.