Closed Circuit


Two men in suits sit at a popular café in the heart of Tel Aviv. Moments later, they open fire on the shocked diners around them. One customer fights back. Others run to safety. No one escapes unharmed, whether from actual bullets or the traumatic memories of that night. Closed Circuit chronicles the infamous 2016 attack at the Sarona Market, when an ordinary Wednesday turned into an uncontrollable hell. Using the shocking raw footage from security cameras throughout the market, the film documents the terrorist attack as it unfolds, moment by moment, with pulse-pounding intensity. At the same time, the film goes deep into the stories of survivors: a father out to break the Ramadan fast with his family, a cop who unknowingly saves one of the terrorists, a former medic who pivots from bystander to first responder, a teenage girl who escapes but loses her dad, and young restaurant workers, both Arab and Jewish, whose lives are forever changed by their sudden encounter with death. Through their candid insights and courageous struggles, Closed Circuit reveals how trauma follows survivors long after the cameras go dark and how healing begins not by burying memories but by taking a closer look.

  • Format:
    Feature documentary

  • Length:
    60 minutes

  • Status:
    Festivals and available for screenings.

  • Contact:
    Hedva Goldschmidt, Managing Director
    T: +972-2-5831371
    M: +972-52-3321732

  • Filmmakers:
    Playmount Productions, Yalla Films, and Uzrad Productions

    Tal Inbar, Director

    Nancy Spielberg, Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevi and Omri Uzrad, Producers

    Ori Eisen, Mirit Eisen, Joel Citron, Ulrika Citron, Guy Lavie, Keren Gleicher, and Yes Docu, Executive Producers

    Sharon Yaish, Editor

    Nehara Malkin, Cinematographer